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We love tumblr. 


Greetings, internet! It’s Tumblr Tuesday! We hope you enjoy these fresh Tumblr blogs.

People vs. Places
A collaboration between photographers Timothy Burkhart and Stephanie Bassos, wherein one exposes a full roll of film of only “people,” and the other reloads the same film again to imprint only “places” to the same roll.

Inspire my Web
Web Design and development from the best of the web. Inspiration galore!

Dan Cretu
Eco Artist from Bucharest, Romania who uses food and other organic materials to create art.

William Nussbaum
The visual archive of a printmaker mapping the present using hand-drawn graphs and imaginary data.

Tales of Endurance
Photographer Alexandre Kurek’s diary of his journey through life, experiencing the highs and lows, joys and frustrations, sweet and sour.

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WhoKnowsaContractor.com loves tumblr! We won’t lie!


Welcome to Tumblr Tuesday, where we highlight just a few of our favorite Tumblr blogs of the moment.

Philmore U. Photography
Philmore is a student, photographer, and cinematographer from Miami, and he posts things he’s created or is inspired by. Above: A self-portrait.

Small Sculptures
Artist Haniya Rae, Editor of Guernica Magazine, presents Small Sculptures.

Rebecca Rae Barton
Printmaker and mixed media artist exploring the human experience via stone etchings.

C▲ssidy R▲e Limb▲ch
Abstract painter/illustrator working on linen with acrylics, collage and inks.

Long Gone
Original drawings and other works mixed with works inspirational to the artist.

For more updates on what’s new, check the official New & Notable Tumblrs blog!